By Serena Lee

Recently, the whole world has been consumed by fear. The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the world upside down. People are flocking to their homelands and isolating themselves from others. Nobody will go anywhere outside except from the occasional trip to a nearby grocery store. At least, that is what my family is doing. We are barely leaving our apartment in Phnom Penh, only leaving for absolute necessities. 

This world is now consumed by fear. There is something that my mom taught me, something called a scarcity mindset, or scarcity mentality. Scarcity mindset is when you feel that there is never enough. You focus on the things you are missing, and neglect to be thankful for what you have. I was recently informed of a man in Australia who killed another man because that other man had bought the last toilet paper roll in the store. 

That is a scarcity mindset. For him, he needed that toilet paper. He might have had other substitutions in his house, like newspapers or napkins. He didn’t think of that. He just didn’t have toilet paper, and not having it was the end of the world. Unlike others, he did some drastic measures because of his scarcity mindset.

When I think of it, I’m pretty sure that I also have a bit of a scarcity mindset, although not as drastic as his. I find myself worrying about things a lot now.

What if I get sick? The medical system in Cambodia isn’t good. 

We don’t have a reliable hospital.

We don’t have enough things to do.

I don’t get the exercise I need now.

All of these worries have consumed me. I haven’t realized it until recently. I need to turn my focus back onto God. The scarcity mindset is like a blinder on a horse, making it impossible for the horse to see left and right. It can only see forward.

The devil is putting a blinder on us, trying to force us to focus only on the things we don’t have. I have struggled with this, and still am. I still think about what I am missing, and what I need. 

I need to remind myself that God is in control. He will help me get through it. I have been relying on human devices, hoping that they can save me. They can’t.

I now need to put my focus back to God. I will trust him with my life, and he will help me make the right decisions.

When the pandemic first began, I wanted to flock straight to America, because of everything we were missing in Cambodia. It was hard, seeing everything we were missing. But now, I know what the only thing I need is. It’s God. He has been with me all along, and yet I refused to look at Him and instead focus on worldly things. Now, I shall turn my focus back to God. Whatever happens next, I will do what God has planned for me.