I am writing this to defuse my frustration. Andrew just called to say that he can’t find his car. He’s not sure yet if it’s stolen or towed but he couldn’t find it from where he had parked it after his meeting was over. And he’s leaving for the States on Saturday… 3 days from now… for 2 months.

As if that’s not enough, the AC in my car stopped working…it’s spewing out only hot air that’s hotter than the heat of the hot season in this country… as if that’s even possible.

My eyes are still “rashing” and the power cut at school that happens every day is truly unbearable.

But my heart tells me we must go on. I secretly wish for a sign that says that we can return home but no… I know from the depths of my heart that it’s not time yet. But this doesn’t mean such things as mentioned above are easier to endure.

I pray (in God’s mercy) that Andrew car is towed and not stolen. I pray that the AC in my car will get fixed before Andrew leaves. I pray that I’ll get used to the heat and the lack of AC in classrooms of 24-30 students when it’s 97 degrees but feels like 107. I pray that my eyes won’t rash as much. I pray that the two months that Andrew is out of the country will pass by like a blink of an eye. I pray that I will continue to turn to God and be reminded of His Goodness and mercy, especially His lavishing love for me and my family.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers…

Good news: Andrew’s car was towed and not stolen (I’ve never seen tow trucks on the road here so I don’t know how that happened!). He’s on his way home now. Praise God for His mercy upon us.