Lord In Your Mercy…

I am writing this to defuse my frustration. Andrew just called to say that he can’t find his car. He’s not sure yet if it’s stolen or towed but he couldn’t find it from where he had parked it after his meeting was over. And he’s leaving for the States on Saturday… 3 days from […]

What Fear Can Do To You

I’ve been sick… for about 3 weeks in January after I returned from a short trip back home for Christmas to Hawaii. I have a medical condition called hypothyroidism which isn’t serious but causes more fatigue in me than other people. When I feel extreme fatigue, my body seems to have a sign that it […]

Must I Learn to Cut in Line?

Last Sunday, after church, my family went to a market that visibly resembles Costco but without much wholesale discount. I was shocked as soon as I walked in because it was a zoo! It looked like Costco before Christmas! I quickly decided that we were going to get what we need and leave asap. However, […]