One Month to Live

A few days ago, a good friend of mine unexpectedly passed on to eternity and I was invited to lead the celebration of his life. The service also reminded me that I’m living in this temporal world very short time and then move on when God calls me. Years ago, I read a book entitled […]

Angel at the Airport

A few days ago, I returned from a Christmas visit to Hawaii. The ride was very long and I got indigested, nauseous, and dizzy. When we had our layover in Korea, I refused to eat anything. It was quite hard (by that I mean really hard!). Once we arrived back in Cambodia, I was on […]

Playing Soccer

At Logos (the school that I attend), I play soccer all the time. But frankly, I’m very bad at soccer. Of course, I’ve learned the rules and all, but I just can’t kick straight and I seem to have no control over the ball. Also, I am a little scared of getting hit by the […]