Starting from August, 2019, I have become the volunteer coordinator for Susanna Wesley Dormitory in Phnom Penh. It’s a dormitory for university students from various provinces. It’s a ministry that was started 2 years ago to support young women (and some men) to become educated to empower them. We provide scholarships and weekly allowance and try to meet their other needs.

Currently, we have 19 students. We have 16 young women and 3 young men. I have a partner who works with me on this ministry, and her name is Ms. Reasey Long. She used to teach computer and Khmer at Logos International School (the school where my children attend and I teach), and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we got connected and she joined Global Ministries. Ms. Reasey has a big heart for the dormitory students and is on the same page with me as to what we want to accomplish through this ministry.

So, what do we want to accomplish through this ministry? We want to help these young people to not only become educated but grow in God. We firmly believe that everyone has a purpose in life, and we hope to encourage the students to seek/find the calling and live it out for the glory of God. We also want them to do well in school. We don’t want them to just barely receive a degree but become experts in their area of studies. We also want everyone in the dormitory to become one in Christ. They are not related and are even strangers. But we know that in God, we are all brothers and sisters.

It’s a challenging ministry in many ways, but I believe that I am appointed to this ministry for a reason. I also know that God who has started this good work will complete it, and I am excited to be called to serve this group of people of God!