Angel at the Airport

A few days ago, I returned from a Christmas visit to Hawaii. The ride was very long and I got indigested, nauseous, and dizzy. When we had our layover in Korea, I refused to eat anything. It was quite hard (by that I mean really hard!). Once we arrived back in Cambodia, I was on the verge of vomiting. We were having our passports checked by the immigration officer when I felt the need to…you know.

My mom told her that I needed to throw up so she let us out first. But no matter how hard I tried it didn’t come out. My face was beaded with sweat and my mom thought I would faint! So, we went to the bathroom to wash my face. After I washed my face, the immigration officer came in. She was holding this oil looking thing. She came right to me and said, “I can help you but you have to trust me. Believe me.” So, I let her put the oil on my forehead and nose. She said it would help me overcome my nausea. She massaged my forehead and made me smell the oil (it smelled quite good actually). Almost immediately, I felt the difference. The color of my lips returned and I felt much stronger. She was such a kindhearted woman.

After that day, my sister said that if we never saw her again she was sure to be an angel. Even if she wasn’t, she definitely was an amazing person. Please pray that she will meet God and learn to love as we do.

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