First Traffic Ticket and Grateful!

As soon as we arrived in Cambodia, one of the first things that we had to do was to change our visa to a long term visa. We needed this visa to change our driver’s license to Cambodian driver’s license. It took us longer than we imagined to get our visa but we finally got it on the 2nd week of August. Andrew has been driving with the U.S. driver’s license and it always made me nervous in case we get pulled over by the cops. Then, after 4 visits to the office to change our driver’s license (because they kept rejecting our application saying we needed more documents than what we brought, claiming that the law has changed), and getting approval from 9 different groups of people (I’m so serious!!!), we got our Cambodian driver’s license on September 1!!! I was so happy as if I finished the longest hurdle run ever.

Then, the very next day, Andrew came home and said, “I got pulled over by a cop today. He asked for my driver’s license and I proudly showed it to him.” To cut the long story short, Andrew supposedly made an illegal turn and the cop asked for $10 saying he’s doing Andrew a favor because if he goes to the police station, he’d have to pay $50. Andrew gave him $10 and drove on.

Both Andrew and I are not upset about getting pulled over AT ALL! We’re just ineffably grateful to God that Andrew got pulled over AFTER he got his valid driver’s license! If he didn’t have a valid driver’s license, things could’ve gotten more complicated or much more expensive to resolve then and there. God is surely good to us… yes He is…

이곳에 와서 제일 먼저 해야했던 일이 비자를 바꾸는 일이었다. 비자를 바꾸어야 운전면허증같은것도 바꿀수 있기 때문이다. 비자를 받는것이 생각보다 시간이 오래걸렸지만 8월 둘째주에 비자를 받을수 있었다. 그 와중에 나는 캄보디아 면허증 없이 운전하는 순영씨가 혹시라도 경찰에게 잡힐까봐 늘 노심초사했다. 비자를 받은 후 운전 면허증을 바꾸러 갔는데 3차례나 서류가 미흡하다고 거절당하고 겨우 4번째에 가서 9명의 다른 사람들의 허가를 받은 후에야 면허증을 받을수 있었다. 면허증을 받은 바로 다음날 집에 돌아온 순영씨가 운전중 경찰에게 티켓을 받았다고 말했다. 경찰이 다가와서 면허증을 달라고 할때 아주 자랑스럽게 면허증을 내밀고 경찰서를 가면 $50을 내야하지만 그냥 $10만 내고 가라고 해서 $10을 주고 끝냈단다. 여기서 순영씨나 나는 티켓받은것이 하나도 불쾌하지 않다. 다만 면허증을 받은 다음 티켓을 받을수 있어서 하나님께 무한한 감사를 드린다. 역시 하나님은 참 좋으시다.

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