Recently, Reina was home from school with fever and it rained all morning. We tried our best to entertain ourselves despite the gloominess in the house that no indoor light could beat. When I looked out the window to see how hard it was raining, nothing prepared me for what I was about to see – FLOOD. The entire street was flooded with water and cars and motorcycles were wading through the water that covered more than half of their tires. This is what I used to see on TV… on the news… but it was playing out right before my eyes.

When the rain stopped, Reina and I ventured out to see how “flooded” it was. Reina didn’t hesitate to walk right into what she called the “biggest rain puddle ever!” and it quickly swallowed up her ankles. I stopped her from going further in but of course she had to get herself wet up to her mid-calf.

This was “exciting” and “fun” for us because we’ve never seen this before but my thoughts quickly turned to people who must be suffering from this flood… especially people whose ground-floor houses are flooded… and people working in the markets.

Fortunately, flood receded by the late afternoon and everything turned to normal again… heavy traffic and people bustling here and there. Life in Cambodia, so far, have been a lot of mixed feelings. A mixture of “excitement” with “heavy-heartedness.” It is my prayer that this country be flooded with the amazing love of God…

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