Foot Under the Door

In Cambodia, safety is always an issue for us. I am constantly worried whenever I’m driving on the road with millions of motorcycles roaming around me. I freak out when Andrew doesn’t come home at a time that he should be home. When we have to walk on the road, I am clutching my bag as if my life depended on it lest a snatcher take it from me. You may think I am overreacting, but in Cambodia, this is the norm.

This is also true for our bathroom breaks when we are out. With the girls growing up so fast, I can no longer fit into the bathroom stall with them so I usually stand outside the door. But to give them a peace of mind that Mommy is right outside if they should need me, I usually stick my foot under the bathroom door so that they visually see my presence.

A few days a go, I had to use the bathroom and found that the door had no lock. I asked Serena and Reina to stand outside the door to prevent anyone from trying to open the door. Then, I saw this (the picture). Both girls put their feet under the door for me! I nearly cried at how much peace of mind it really gave me. My girls were right outside if I should need them for anything.

Just the same, even when we are alone or feel alone, we’re never alone. I see the dusted and worn out sandal on the feet of Jesus under the doors of all circumstances of life… giving us the peace of mind to know that He is right there if we should need Him for anything.

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