Getting Connected

So… how many people does it take to get internet connection for your home in Cambodia? When we moved to our apartment, the apt. manager recommended an internet company for us. But Andrew found a cheaper company that provided higher speed for a lower rate so we decided to go with them.

We were very excited when someone could come last Saturday (7/1). But it turned out he was a salesperson who came to explain the various packages to us. He said someone else will come on Monday. Sure enough, another man from the internet company came on Monday but he said he’s the authorized money-collector and came to collect our deposit of $100. He said someone else will come in 4-5 days which meant Thursday or Friday. I could not hide my joy when someone came on Tuesday!! In fact, 2 men came to check out the cable in the building. But that was all they were here for. They said there is no problem with the cable and someone else will come to install the internet. When I asked “when?” they couldn’t say.

On Thursday, finally 2 other men came to install the internet. But they started to say something in Khmer, called their office, and said they need to check the cable. I said 2 men came on Tuesday to check the cable and said there was no problem. But they said they had to check it again. So I took them to the first floor and they said they’ll return after checking the cable. 30 min later, I went to the first floor to learn that they had left!! Then today, Friday (7/7), they called to say that they cannot connect internet in my apartment and that they’ll return the deposit. So it took a total of 6 men and 7 days to figure out that their line won’t work in my apartment??

Lesson learned: #1: When your apartment manager makes a recommendation, listen to her. #2: If something is too good to be true, it probably is. #3: You get what you pay for.

Now, let’s see how many men it takes this new company to connect the internet here…

인터넷을 연결하는데 6명의 사람이 7일에 걸처 와야했다. 그리고 그 결과는 결국 그 회사 인터넷을 우리 집에 연결이 안된다는 것이었다. 애초 아파트 메니저가 추천한 회사로 했음 됐을걸 괜히 더 싸고 빠른 속도를 준다는 회사에 “혹”해서 이 생고생을… 여기서 우리가 배운것은 #1 현지인 말을 들어라 #2 믿을수 없이 좋은 조건은 믿지마라 #3 싼게 비지떡이다.

이제 새로운 회사와 연락해서 다시 시작해야한다는… 이 회사는 얼마나 걸릴까…?

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