Home Entertaiment

Because school for the girls start on Aug. 1, I am exhausted from trying to keep the girls entertained at home. Andrew leaves home at 6:30 AM to get to work (to beat the traffic) and comes home around 5:00 PM. So, entertaining the girls all day is left up to me.

I thought of taking strolls around the neighborhood at first until I realized there are no sidewalks where people can walk. And motorcycles are all over the road cutting in front of cars and people so I would not venture out. I guess we could take tuk-tuk (Serena says it’s a carriage being pulled by a motorcycle) around to get to places but unfortunately, I don’t know a place I want to go and even if they were to take us to a totally different place, I would never know. So, I have decided to keep the girls home until I’m able to explore our vicinity by myself once they start school.

So till then, we’ve been playing UNO, monopoly, jenga, and some lego…all day. We also do afternoon water play in the tub to beat the heat.  This morning, the girls taught me how to play Beyblade (a gadget that works like a top and spins when I shoot it from a launcher) and I was told to yell out the special moves like “Open the eyes of Medusa!” or “Black excaliber!”

But my favorite time with them during the day is when we have a reading time. Today, Reina asked Serena to read a book for her that she thought was “too fat” for her to read (Where the Mountain Meets the Moon). It was Serena’s favorite book so Serena gladly read the book for her…for an hour!

It’s hot here (90s all day) and dusty (gotta sweep the floor throughout the day) but when you have a sister who can read to you, then you know everything will be okay.

개학이 8월1일이라 하루종일 아이들과 집에서 노는게 너무 힘들다. 여러가지 게임도 하고 얘기도 하고 화장실 욕조에서 물놀이도 하고. 오늘은 급기야 미국식 팽이게임을 하며 놀았다. 하지만 하루중 내가 제일 좋아하는 시간은 독서시간이다. 다행히 아이들 둘 다 책을 좋아해서 하루에 1-2시간은 책을 읽는다 오늘은 은서가 은혜에게 혼자읽기 두꺼운 책을 읽어달라고 하니 은혜가 기쁘게 읽어주었다. 캄보디아는 너무 덥고 먼지도 많다. 하지만 은혜 은서의 모습을 보면서 오늘하루도 기쁘게 살고있다.

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