Homemade Game and True Happiness

The girls are out of school… again… since last Thursday and this whole week. I had to take them to my language school with the teacher’s permission because I didn’t want to skip class for a whole week and a half. Every day, I’ve been doing one special activity with them and today, we made a homemade game. Each person drew up a soccer player character and we made little holes for our fingers and played “Finger Soccer” with a balled-up foil. The girls had so much fun making and playing this game. Fortunately, tomorrow is a holiday and Andrew will be off from work (he worked through a very big Cambodian holiday last week so this is a big YAY!!!) and he can take over entertaining the girls. 

I’m writing this post because it just fills my heart to hear the girls’ laughter as they play together. Many people seek happiness. Some even travel around the world in search for “true” happiness. But I think true happiness isn’t where you are or what you’re doing. It’s really WHO you’re with. If you’re with someone who makes you happy, where you are or what you’re doing doesn’t matter much. You’ll be happy just the way things are.

We’re thousand of  miles away from family and friends and doing a lot of things that are new to us. But, we’re still very happy because we have each other. I love my family.

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