Hot Green Tea in Cambodia

As I got on my ride to get to school this morning, I realized that I forgot to bring my water bottle. Feeling under the weather, I decided I’ll just buy something hot to drink from the school cafeteria. So I asked the person if she had any teas. She said she had green tea with lemon. I asked if it’s a hot tea and she said, “Hot, okay.” So I ordered one and paid 3000 riel ($0.75). I was expecting hot water with a pack of green tea and lemon on the side or squeezed in. Well… I guess such expectation arises from not remembering that I’m in Cambodia.

The person who was to make my “green tea with lemon,” went to a refrigerator and grabbed a bottled green tea drink (the exact one that you see here), poured half into a cup (not all but half!) and used an espresso milk steamer to turn the cold drink into a hot drink. Once she thought it was hot enough, she proudly presented “hot green tea with lemon” to me with a big smile. I smiled back and took what I knew would be the “never-before-tasted” green tea with lemon in my hand.

Well… let’s just say that I couldn’t finish my tea. It tasted like lemon tea drowned in sweeteners. Then I remembered the time we went to a restaurant and ordered fried chicken for the girls and something else for Andrew and me. We were dumbfounded when we got our “fried chicken” because in Cambodia, “fried chicken” means stir-fried chicken with chili peppers!

Yes… I have to remember that I’m in Cambodia. Next time, I’m just getting a bottled water…

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