House Hunting

It has been 3 full days since we moved to Cambodia and we’ve been actively searching for a permanent residence nearby the school the girls will be attending. Fortunately, we got connected with a great real estate agent (Theary from Elevated Real Estate) who worked on our behalf to explain the different details of the places that she took us and to negotiate the rent for us. She did a wonderful job and we were able to find a great 3-bedroom apartment for a comparatively great price. We can even move in by tomorrow so it can’t get better than this!

Praise God for His guidance!

이제 캄보디아에 도착한지 3일째. 계속 집을 보러다니다가 오늘 드디어 괜찮은 가격에 좋은 방 3개짜리 아파트를 찾았다. 우리를 위해서 수고한 부동산 에이전트에게 감사한다. 그리고 그 무엇보다 늘 앞서 행하신다는 것을 다시 보여주신 하나님에게 감사한다.

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