Joy Found in Children

Last week Sunday, my family went to Prektoal Methodist Church because Andrew was asked to share the message. As we drove in and got off the car, Sunday School children of the church would look at us and giggle nonstop. Then one boy was brave enough to yell out “hi” to us at which point I walked up to them and shook hands with them. I asked for their names and tried to pronounce them correctly despite the fact that they said it so quickly. The children could not stop giggling as I struggled with their names and what contagious giggles they had!

They just filled my heart with such joy that I HAD TO take pictures with them. I didn’t want to forget this joy that just seem to burst out of me because of their presence!

The bible tells us to “rejoice always.” Perhaps we can rejoice when we stop measuring and calculating like these children. Perhaps we can rejoice when we laugh more… like the children’s contagious giggles. Perhaps we can rejoice when we welcome strangers… in the name of God. Perhaps.

Today, I rejoiced at the giggles of those precious children. What a blessing it was!

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