More Money, More Delicious

With my sister Jenny visiting from Hawaii, we decided to visit Sihanoukville, about 5 hours from Phnom Penh. This is a province by the ocean and the girls were very excited. When we got to Sihanoukville and stepped on to the sand, we were all surprised at how much we really missed the sand and the ocean.

It was time for dinner and Andrew excitedly said that he found this highly recommended place called “Delicious” that we must try. So we went. When we got there, we were surprised to find that there were just 2 tables and that both were outdoors. As we sat down, the owner (whose name was Sokha) started to spray mosquito repellent under the table and by our feet. We were grateful but were beginning to have second thoughts about this place.

When it was time to order, Andrew did what he always does when we order. He asked, “What’s the most delicious food on the menu?” We were expecting Sokha to explain about the food and their differences. Instead, the answer was quite simple. He said, “More money, more delicious.” We thought it was so funny! So, Andrew ordered the most expensive sandwich on the menu and it wasn’t that bad.

But as we were eating, from my peripheral view, I kept seeing some little critters running around nearby the table. I didn’t want to believe I was seeing what I thought I was seeing but when my eyes met my sister’s, I knew I was right – rats were running in and out of the kitchen! We didn’t say anything lest my girls get scared and just ate as quickly as we could. As we got up to leave, I accidentally scared one of the rats and it ran back to the kitchen area. The owner’s wife and I looked at each other and I said, “kan-dal” (meaning rat) and she nonchalantly said, “Yes, when it’s hot inside, the rats come out.” Well, that just explains everything, doesn’t it?

Good news is, none of us got sick from eating at “Delicious” where food was relatively delicious. Well, I guess it’s just another day in Cambodia!

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