November 28 is #GivingTuesday

United Methodist Church #GivingTuesday is part of an international movement to extend the spirit of giving thanks into the Advent season. Last year, thanks to the great generosity of the supporters of UMC, the Global Ministries raised $854,000 on UMC #Giving Tuesday. In Cambodia, these gifts allowed to support missionaries of CHAD program (latrine, well, agriculture development), children in poverty, woman’s ministry in small provinces, Bible school and more.

As you know, 100% of all gifts made through my Advance number (Advance #302231, Andrew Lee) directly support the missionary community. We hope you will join us in our UMC #GivingTuesday campaign by:

  • Organizing a team to join you in supporting vital mission work.
  • Posting a web banner on your website or Facebook page.
  • Asking that Christmas gifts be made as a donation in your name to support my work with an early gift on Nov. 28. (Click Here)

More resources are available at
Thank you for all you do to bring about the true change in countless lives!

In Christ,
Andrew Lee

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