Packing and Cleaning

I don’t know how we did it but we did it… we’ve packed, cleaned, and moved out of the wonderful parsonage of Parker UMC. Because having a moving company to ship our things was so expensive (although we wouldn’t have had to pay for it!!) we decided to take whatever we can take on the plane – which ended up being 8 bags of 50lbs with 4 carry-ons. That meant we had to get rid of EVERYTHING!!

I didn’t realize how much unnecessary things we kept at our place. Things we kept for “just-in-case” that never happened. After dumping 11 truckful loads of things I thought I needed, I have made up my mind to live minimally when we start brand new in Cambodia. Really, how much do we NEED for survival? Not much, I discovered.

Like Andrew preached on his last Sermon today, we will “abide in Jesus” and stay on the vine of Christ. Our prayer is that the weight of our branch is from the fruit we bear instead of the things of this world.

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