Playing Soccer

At Logos (the school that I attend), I play soccer all the time. But frankly, I’m very bad at soccer. Of course, I’ve learned the rules and all, but I just can’t kick straight and I seem to have no control over the ball. Also, I am a little scared of getting hit by the ball so even if I have a chance to kick it, I guess I just run away. No one ever passes me the ball, though, so I usually go offense. If I’m lucky, I can kick the ball away from the other team. But, if I’m unlucky, I accidentally kick the ball to the other team or get a handball. Very rarely, I get a goal, scoring one point for my team. When I try to get the ball and fail, it’s okay. I can just move on and wait for another chance.

This is kind of like how life goes. If you don’t get something you want then you should just move on. But some people have trouble to just let it go. They hold grudges and if it’s a child, then usually they throw tantrums. This behavior can make people around them grumpy as well as themselves. I think that if you aren’t happy with what you get or don’t get anything at all, you should just let it go. After all, in the future, there are many other things that will make you satisfied. Who knows what pleasant surprises await you in the future!

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