Provisional Annual Conference

For the last two decades, we (GBGM-UMC) have worked with other mission agencies of Methodist churches in bringing about an autonomous Methodist denomination in Cambodia. By God’s grace, the 1st Provisional Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Cambodia (MCC) was celebrated in September (4-7, 2018). And, new President and new lay leader of MCC were elected by the precious votes of Khmer pastors and local lay delegates. Praise the Lord for all guidance!

During worship, UMC Bishop Goodpaster preached about “turning point” (based on John 21) which invites a new beginning and requires renewed commitment. Jesus asked Peter if he truly loved Jesus. When Peter answered, Jesus instantly replied, saying “Feed my sheep.” Yes, the new beginning does require renewed actions. As a united Church with MCC, I humbly commit myself again to participate in the Kingdom ministries for God and God’s people in Cambodia. Thanks be to God for this holy invitation.

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