Revival of Moss Roses

Having come from a place where we were surrounded by colors of green and blue, I decided that our apartment needed some green. So, we got some moss roses in a white pot to brighten the atmosphere in our living room. It had flowers of various colors (I got 4 small pots and put them all together in one big pot). But I felt that my living room wasn’t providing enough sunlight for them so I decide to put them out on the lanai (veranda), right by the living room window so we could still enjoy the colors from inside.

I watered them every day zealously and looked forward to more flowers blooming to add colors to our lives. But I soon noticed that the succulent leaves were withering and flowers stopped flowering. I blamed the rainy season in Cambodia and the cloudy sky that kept the sun from my precious plants. It seemed no amount of water could save the plants and I finally had to uproot and throw away 3/4 of the plants and crossed my fingers on the 1/4 that still looked succulent. But to my dismay, it too withered and turned dry and brown.

I know I don’t have the greenest thumb but I had a small patch back home where I harvested lettuce, chili peppers, cherry tomatoes, and even strawberries! In my big disappointment, I didn’t have the heart to uproot the remaining dead plant but decided not to look out the window for a while. That was 2 weeks ago.

Then… today… I looked out and saw that green succulent leaves were coming out of the brown dead branches!! I couldn’t believe it!! I yelled out, “Oh my God!” despite Serena’s comment that I used God’s name in vain. I quickly googled “Moss roses how to care” and found that it’s a desert plant and watering it every day could rot the roots. Well… I guess it wasn’t the lack of sun due to cloudiness that killed them! My overbearing love that watered them every day ended up killing them.

Lesson learned: Sometimes, love doesn’t require doing too much or saying so much. There are times when just being present is enough. I shall practice such love when I feel like overbearing my children (and Andrew) with my overflowing love for them. (Even as I’m writing this, my heart tells me to water my moss rose because soil seems so dry… God help me!)

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