The Reason Why We’re Here

One of the hardest things about living in Cambodia is Andrew’s frequent trips away from home. In the 13 years of our marriage, we’ve rarely been apart and both the girls and I are just not used to not having Daddy around for dinner and the girls’ night routine. Last week, Andrew was away for 8 days to attend an Asia Consultation in Houston, TX. That was the longest he’s ever been away from home! And due to the time difference (11 hours), it wasn’t easy for us to talk or FaceTime with him. We were all looking forward to his return last Wednesday when he told me a few days before his return that he has to attend Cambodia Methodist Men’s Conference that Wednesday evening as the keynote speaker. So, he arrives at noon but leaves at 3:00 pm which meant he wouldn’t even get to see the girls return from school!

I got a little upset and asked him if this Men’s Conference was something that he HAS TO attend. Andrew’s answer truly humbled me. He said, “Janice, this is the reason I’m in Cambodia… to help the people there. The purpose of this meeting is to raise up Cambodian Christian men as leaders. I have to go.”

The reason we’re here… yes… we’re here for the people of Cambodia. Sometimes, when we get so caught up in life, we forget the reason we’re here… wherever we are. This opened my eyes to our calling again and I couldn’t help but agree with him.

But, because I didn’t want him to go without seeing the girls, I just kept the girls home from school and DROVE to the airport (my only 2nd time driving on this crazy streets of Phnom Pehn!) to surprise him. Boy, did we surprise him!

All in all, it is an awesome thing that we’re together… though he has another overnight trip this week… because this is the reason why we’re here.

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