The Tiger Show

The Tiger Show

On September 15th, 2018, I went to the Phnom Penh Safari Zoo. At the zoo, we saw lots of different animals such as crocodiles, orangutans, giant Mekong fish, and many more. I even got to touch the trunk of an elephant after feeding it bananas. In this writing, I will inform you about the tiger show at Phnom Penh Safari Zoo.

As soon as I entered the tiger stadium, I knew I wouldn’t like it. Six tigers were sitting on stools in a giant cage with two people inside. It looked like a carnival. By looking at the tigers I could tell that they weren’t being treated nicely. Suddenly, loud music blared. The show was starting!

The trainers (two people in the cage) welcomed everyone in Khmer. Their first trick was getting all the tigers on a special stand. One by one, they guided each tiger to their place on the stand. Then when the trainer commanded, the tigers stood on their hind legs. When it was time for the tigers to go back to their stools, one tiger refused. He jumped off his stool and growled at the trainer, slowly advancing. I was so scared. I thought for sure the tiger would hurt the trainer. But instead, the tiger laid on the floor and relaxed. Every time the trainer tried to move him, he growled. Eventually, using food, they coaxed the tiger to go back to his stool.

Many other times during the show, the same tiger refused to listen and threatened to attack. Another time an exhausted tiger was expected to jump through a loop of fire. He walked slowly so one of the trainers got a metal rod and smacked him. In my opinion, the trainers are not kind.

Although the tiger show was not what we expected, we tried and that’s what counts. I think that the trainers are being cruel to the tigers. The tigers did not look that healthy and they looked quite tired. Seeing the tiger threaten the trainers, I could tell that the trainers did not treat them well. I hope that one day the trainers will learn the truth and become children of God.

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