True Courage

Today, we came back home from Siem Reap. We went there for a little family vacation because my mom’s cousin, uncle, aunty, and sister were visiting. We looked at Angkor Wat, went to a crocodile farm, and visited a silk farm. But now, it was finally time to go back. On our trip back down to Phnom Penh, we stopped for a short break at an open market. There, my dad saw a vendor selling spiders and grasshoppers. He dared all the men in the family (which included my mom’s cousin and uncle as well as him) to do rock, paper, scissors and whoever lost had to eat a spider (tarantula specifically). They all agreed. In the first round my dad lost, But instead of eating the spider, he ate a cocoon no bigger than a centimeter. In the next round, my mom’s cousin lost. But, my mom’s uncle ate it for him.

When he ate it, I saw a mix of fear and excitement on his face. Everybody congratulated him and said he was truly brave. But as I thought this over, I found out that courage is not about doing something cool or dangerous, it’s about doing something while afraid. I asked myself, Did, he really do it while afraid? And the answer I got was yes. So, I think the only true courage is doing something while being afraid; whether it is helping a friend from a bully or eating something gross.

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